Asante Sign Group prides itself on producing 3 major types of ADA signage. The center of our product line is Thermoformed signage but we also produce Raster Braille and Sand Etched signage. If none of these options are acceptable we also produce photopolymer signage.

Thermoformed Signage

As one of the early adopters of the thermoforming process for ADA signs, ASG has positioned itself as one of the leaders in the manufacture of custom thermoformed signage. Thermoformed signage is one piece construction with perfectly domed Braille integral to the sign face. We produce this signage in two manufacturing cells complete with the latest forming, cutting, painting, and tipping technology. We are capable of taking an approved set of drawings through the process and shipping one day from order approval. While this is the exception and not the norm due to production back logs it does show our ability to react quickly when needed.

Thermoformed signage has endless possibilities within the size of our press (13”x19”). Signs can be surface or subsurface painted and/or printed. The raised elements can be tipped to any custom color needed to complete your project.

Raster Braille Signage

Asante Sign Group produces ADA signage using the Raster Braille system on a wide variety of materials. While acrylic is the most common substrate, Braille can also be inserted into metals, laminates, solid surface materials, and others. Our precision engraving equipment and software ensure we produce signage that perfectly matches your expectations. For added vandal resistance we can inlay the raised elements ensuring added durability.

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Sand-Etched Signage

Using our unique process for manufacturing sand etched signage, Asante Sign Group produces signage with crisp raised elements at a precise uniform depth to comply with stringent ADA guidelines. Our process also produces perfectly domed Braille integral to the substrate.

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Directories and Informational Signage

Asante Sign Group’s extensive equipment and manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce virtually any type of directory or informational signage your project requires. We have 3 flatbed printers that can print on any substrate up to 2” thick. Send us your project and we will send you a quote that meets its requirements at a competitive price with the highest quality and shortest lead times in the industry.

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